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“Le Tour De France” on an iPad (2011)

I’m an unapologetic fan of the world’s biggest cycling race. Forget about the drug scandals and the fact the technology is now infinitely more important than the actual riders, this is an epic journey — the ultimate test of endurance. Last year I bought the iPad app and was delighted to be able to watch entire stages of the race whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted. However, last year’s iPad app was only good for last year’s Le Tour. So this year I had to buy it all over again.

The video quality is much better in the ’11 version, though if last year is any indication, I expect that to change as we get deeper into the race and more people log in. The GPS teacking features of riders is much easier and more exact this time around, to the point where I could probably log in now and see which racer is currently using the men’s room in the local cafe.

However, the biggest difference between this year’s iPad app and last year’s iPad app for fans of Le Tour is that the 2011 edition only allows for live streaming of each stage. In other words, unless one gets up at 4am on the west coast, we cannot actually use the Le Tour app to view Le Tour. This lack of a major feature makes the app a complete and utter waste of the $14.99 purchase price. I’m not even going top link to the app at the iTunes store because nobody should buy it.

Buying a “Le Tour De France” app without the ability to watch the race is like buying a night with Paris Hilton and only being able to talk quantum physics. Utterly pointless.

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