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90210 Episode Guide * LIVE *

Did anyone ever see the first season of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Not the Comedy Channel version, but the series as it aired early on in Minnesota? The cast did live, unscripted commentary of the movies, and they improvised nearly everything. Series creator Joel Hodgson cites those episodes as some of the worst work ever produced for the boob tube.

stick2Speaking of boobs, the “90210” episode guides (a series featuring lots of boobs… nice segue, huh?) I’ve been writing have been generally well received, but still no notice from the exalted one herself. That’s right, still no word from my future ex-wife, Shannen Doherty. So, I’m kicking things up a notch.

stick1This Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. (PST) I’ll be live on Stickam, along with anyone else who wants to join me. As “90210” rolls, something akin to a live commentary track will occur. It is not only my first such online video/audio venture, but my first time publicly mocking this series. In other words, it should be painful for all concerned. Particularly when you realize that anyone can potentially join in the fun and heckle me while I’m heckling the show.

So turn down the lights (where applicable), and tune in to The CW and Stickam on Tuesday.

Note to non-PST residents: Record/Tivo/DVR the show and you can still be a part of the biggest train wreck since “Ishtar.”