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Crazy Like A Fox: Chapter Eight

“The O’Reilly Factor”

Day Four

Thursday’s “Factor” was canceled for the non-partisan (or was it bi-partisan) lovefest at Ground Zero, so my week of O’Reilly viewing was truncated by a day. Forgive the lateness in posting my take on Friday’s installment, but I was… well… attempting to have a life.

O’Reilly introduced his show by discussing what he called “Sarah Palin vs. Charlie Gibson.” Though he meant it disparagingly, I like that a reporter and a politician are presupposed to be adversaries. I am uncomfortable with the kittenish attitude displayed by most members of the White House Press Corps, and though I think Charles Gibson is a far cry from a great journalist, I don’t think any of DC’s finest (including Bob Schieffer, whom I happen to respect a great deal) could have done a better job under the circumstances.

O’Reilly thinks the Bush Doctrine was “the effort to marginalize terrorism by promoting democracy.” Gibson believes the Bush Doctrine is “the use of military action to prevent terrorist attacks.” Can’t we all just get along?

Who in the hell are “the secular media?” O’Reilly was up in arms about what he perceived to be a bunch of godless heathens with press credentials. O’Reilly believes these infidels berate any politician who believes in God. As if Palin’s beliefs encapsulate what the majority of Christians believe. I maintain the reason Christianity gets a bad rap from the media is because religion has no lobbyist campaigning (and bribing) reporters to put a positive spin on, for lack of a better phrase, the product they are selling. The pope in no way reflects the true face of Christianity. The leader of the Christian church was and continues to be Jesus Christ, and He doesn’t issue press releases or lead news conferences these days. Within that vacuum of living authority, self-proclaimed religious leaders like Al Sharpton on the left and James Dobson on the right step in and distort Christianity to suit their respective agendas. And absent divine intervention, the press cover it as the gospel truth, so to speak.


Crazy Like A Fox: Chapter Seven

The O’Reilly Factor

Day Three

Regarding the “lipstick” scandal, those who do not watch Fox News might be shocked to discover O’Reilly does not believe Obama was intentionally smearing Sarah Palin when he referenced putting lipstick on a pig. Why he would choose to accept logic and reason on this largely irrelevant issue is a mystery to me, unless it frees him to ignore logic and reason on more important topics.

Dick Morris praised O’Reilly and went on about how great O’Reilly was, and only spent the last few seconds on poll results. He didn’t really talk about any substance, not that I am shocked by that. O’Reilly then had two other pundits on the show, both of whom praised his interviewing skills. In reference to his own interviewing skills, specifically that he did not coddle Obama, O’Reilly simply pointed at himself and said, “This is the United States of America. This is amazing.”

As if Dick Morris wasn’t bad enough, Dennis Miller was there to weigh in on the “issues.” Or, as O’Reilly put it, “Miller’s on tap.” Miller compared O’Reilly to Conan the Barbarian. I think I passed out after hearing that.