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“White Collar” won’t give you the blues


What a fun show.

I’m serious. The latest incarnation of the Stargate franchise seems to take pride in its dark twists and turns. Not so, “White Collar.” It is simply a fun show in the tradition of — well — when TV used to be entertaining.

It is certainly not a new premise. Partner an FBI agent with a con-man. Simple enough. And why not?

I enjoy NBC’s “Chuck,” but it goes out of its way to introduce extraneous characters and convoluted stories. The pilot episode of “White Collar” played on the basic, time-tested premise of “get the bad guy.” And it was played with humor. And not a drop of blood was shed.

Tim Dekay tears a page out of Robert Culp’s book as a gritty but funny FBI agent. And Matthew Bomer, a semi-regular on the aforementioned “Chuck,” tears a page out of Pierce Brosnon’s book as a smooth talking but endearing con-man. tiffaniThe supporting cast members do their jobs, too. Willie Garson (whom I know from the aforementioned Stargate franchise) can handle the best-buddy role, and Tiffani Thiessen is always worth looking at.

I was not expecting to enjoy this show, but wound up smiling at the back-and-forth between the two leads. There is great screen chemistry all around, and I don’t recall hearing even one remotely bad word the entire hour, and that, alone, makes the series unique.

Not specifically related to the series itself, but in locating the link on Hulu, I had to laugh at the first of the recommendations. It just seemed sort of vague to