TV or Not TV

Jimmy Fallon

“Proud Peacocks And Other Endangered Species”

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.></a></p> <p>I gave myself a summer project and am self-publishing a book. At more than 90,000 words and more than 200 pages,

Proud Peacocks And Other Endangered Species (A Lazy-Eyed Look At Television)” is a collection of my writing about the world of television, some of it about my days working in the industry, and a lot of it more recently written as my contribution to this website and message board.

coverSome of the hard-hitting questions I’ve tackled include:

  • Can a person still give a studio tour ten years after being an NBC Page?
  • Will watching an entire week of Fox News cause the human brain to implode?
  • Is Oprah Winfrey crazy as a soup sandwich?
  • Why is Jimmy Fallon hosting a comedy show when he isn’t funny?
  • Why do people watch “24”?
  • Why do people pay for cable when they can watch Hulu instead?
  • Will Shannen Doherty ever agree to a date with me?
  • What is the point of industry conventions and conferences?
  • Why David Hasselhoff?

I attempt to answer all of those questions. Plus, I slap readers upside the head with a ton of commentary about the media (because a ton of bricks costs money). While I do attempt to make people think, mostly I’m just out to make people laugh.

Being slightly insane, I don’t expect you to agree with every point I make — I’d be worried for you if you did. But I try to take some measure of pride in being able to convey thoughts and ideas in a unique and entertaining way. If you agree, or if you just want to help me pay a utility bill, I ask that you follow the link below and order a copy of the book from Lulu (or order two and give one to a friend, or order three and give one to a friend and one to someone you don’t like very much). It is a handsome looking paperback with a freakish cover of my own design. Neatly bound, it can be kept in a bathroom for easy reference, or in an outhouse where the pages can be torn out, wrinkled/softened and put to good use (some might choose to keep it on a book shelf… whatever).

At $19.99, it’s a steal at twice the price (you can even order a digital download for only $9.99). So please buy my unnecessarily long titled book. You’ll be helping me out, and getting something in return.

And thanks for being my friend.