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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah/Jay blow-by-blow

FWIW, here is my own blow by blow (I had to do something to avoid sticking a fork in my brain while I watched it).

I am surprised that there is no live audience cheering on both Oprah and Leno – that alone makes this about 33% more tolerable than it otherwise would be. If Oprah did her show without an audience I might actually watch it once in a while. Leno do is better without it. They both pander like cheap whores when the audience is in the room (I want to write “jump from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap ham radio” but can not figure out how to work it in), but alone they are actual people – even when often still unlikable, as Leno very much is in this interview. Indeed, I have always liked Leno when he is away from his own studio audience, but here with Oprah he seems to be his real self – and that self is not a very nice man.

Harp On Oprah: Day Four

Beware of dogs

What can be said about animals on television that hasn’t been said during segments with Joan Embrey on “The Tonight Show” or David Letterman’s “stupid pet tricks?” Were you to ask Oprah, her answer would, no doubt, differ from mine. With Joan Embrey, you’d get the intelligence of a genuine animal expert, and with Letterman, you get clever quips. With Oprah, you get no experts and no clever quips. For an entire hour.

And, again, with the Skype thing? Oprah has more money than several small countries, but she can’t send a professional camera crew to the homes of people (and their pets) she wants to appear on the show? Even when she interviewed Felicity Huffman about her pets, she couldn’t hire a cameraman? In Los Angeles? If I wanted to watch blurry videos, I’d watch the internet. It is cheap. How cheap? Dick Clark would think this was cheap. Now, that’s freakin’ cheap.

Whereas Carson or Letterman simply allowed their audiences to enjoy the cute and/or odd animals, Oprah has to make her audience cry. So between the two legged dog and the dog with no eyes, viewers heard the tale of a puppy mill where 80 dogs were killed because the owner didn’t want to pay the vet to treat them for flea bites. What a downer. Where’s the dog that bowls when you need him? Or the one who howls during the NBC news theme?

Episode Summary:

  • Dead puppies aren’t much fun

Tomorrow’s Guest:

Spike Lee… supposedly “live” and probably via Skype