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Richard Dawson

“Match Game” for 4/6/10

It has been nearly a month since I last posted an installment of “Match Game” for you to enjoy. As a scroll down the website will illustrate, I’ve been preoccupied with my girl Shannen. I make no apologies — it is who I am. Hopefully, this look at answers given by some of the regular (or irregular) cast-of-characters will get people back into the spirit of the game. This was from the ’77 edition:

“Harry said to Fred, ‘When you told me that my blind date was a tomato, I thought it was because she was pretty, not because she had a big, red __________.'”

Richard Dawson scored a match with "Nose"

“At the restaurant, Harvey said to the waiter, ‘These steaks are so much like rubber that they have __________ stamped on them.'”

Brett Somers matched everyone else on the panel with "Goodyear," but the contestant misunderstood the question and it cost her the game

“Gloria said, ‘I am a very successful traveling saleslady because instead of selling door-to-door, I sell my wares __________ to __________.'”

Charles Nelson Reilly did not get a match with "Bed to Bed"

“Fat Freida was a fat baby (How fat was she?). She wasn’t delivered by a stork; she was delivered by a __________.”

Fannie Flagg also did not match with "Truck"

“Match Game” for 3/10/10

Get ready to match the stars!

Today’s installment included a lot of self promotion and cross promotion. “Price is Right” host Bob Barker took a break from clipping the dangly bits off of puppies and kittens to appear as a panelist on “Match Game.” CBS was adjusting the start times of both shows in a move that would ultimately benefit “Price is Right” but diminish the audience for “Match Game.” Nevertheless, on this day anyway, the host of three of the most popular game shows of all time (Gene Rayburn, Bob Barker, and Richard Dawson) shared one stage. To that end, here are today’s questions followed by the responses from Bob and Richard:

“Unlucky Louis said, ‘You know those fresh fish restaurants where you catch you’re own fish? Well, just my luck, I dropped my line in the water and all I caught was a __________ .'”

“Brett Somers said to the producer, ‘Those people in the audience are so hostile, I’m not going on stage unless you give me a __________ .'”

“Let me tell you why the Army court-martialed Sgt. Smith. During the big inspection, he ordered all his soldiers to __________ in unison.”

“Marge said to the psychiatrist, ‘My husband has been in the bath tub for months and he says he’s never coming out. He thinks he’s a __________ .'”