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Suze Orman

Harp On Oprah: Day Two

State-the-Obvious Theater

Think back, if you can, to high school. Did you have one of those teachers who treated you and your fellow students like you were five-years-old? Even if you didn’t, you know what I’m talking about. There are people who talk down to other people, and delight in doing it. They intentionally use small words and short, declarative sentences. If you haven’t figured out I am talking about Suze Orman, you might just be a typical Oprah Winfrey viewer.

I don’t recall what grade I received in the economics class I took in high school. I do recall not understanding a lot of the material in the textbook. I would consider myself slightly below average when it comes to comprehending the economy. Dumb as I may be when it comes to this stuff, Suze Orman is dispensing information to people even dumber than me. I picture those people, sitting at home watching Oprah, taking copious notes as Orman states the obvious. I hope these people don’t vote in national elections.

There are probably those who think I should credit Oprah for not preaching to her flock from atop her gold encrusted mountain. I won’t do that, the reason being she brings Orman on the show to do the preaching for her. Among today’s guests were a couple who retired early and now travel across country in their RV. At one point, Oprah said, “I want your life.” What is stopping her? The couple in question scrimped, saved, and planned for years before finally doing what they wanted to do. Oprah can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

Never watch “The Oprah Winfrey Show” when you have a headache. It only makes it worse.

Episode Summary:

  • Credit card debt bad
  • Saving money good

Tomorrow’s Guests:
Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey… Oprah hyped McCarthy and downplayed Carrey in the promo