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Thomas Allen Heald

In his own words…

Thomas Allen Heald 1972-2009

Thomas Allen Heald 1972-2009 (Photo © Scott Pasfield)

“I’m a big guy who’s finally not ashamed of how he looks. I like to
think that I’m a little more intelligent than most, articulate,
charming, sweet, and in possession of a truly twisted sense of humor
and outlook on life.

Despite the last paragraph, I am also relatively shy. And was once
described by a friend as “the most introverted extrovert” he knew. I
get out more when I’m “in here” on the internet.

Considered everything from a lovable teddy bear and a freelance writer
who does an A&E column at the local weekly newspaper, to a laborer
(land surveying with my dad) and an evil genius. I also tend to the
library at an GLBT community center.”

Remembering Tom. “But the conversation has just begun…”

Our friend and “new chief” passed away on May 4, 2009.

Thomas Allen Heald (1972-2009) and 77 posts remembering Tom on the TVorNotTV mailing list.

Tom’s last Remote Patrol.

Tom was a fan of World News Now, and they showed this tribute to him:

Our original chief, TVBarn’s Aaron Barnhart pays tribute to Tom.

Tom didn’t post a lot of lengthy articles or blogs (he enjoyed
the one-liners, I think), but here are two :

DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say the NY SUN is no longer publishing.

Was It Worth It: “Hole In The Wall”

Shortly before his death, Tom left us an eulogy about the passing of his dog.

Tom’s web site can be found at

For Remote Patrol, Tom’s Twisted Totally Trivial TV Thingy, and everything else… Thanks for sharing with us, Tom.

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